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YouTube Tips & Tricks in English

Getting Started with YouTube Live Streaming

You want to get started with YouTube streaming – great!YouTube works as most live streaming platforms in its core, but let’s go over the most important bits together. Before starting a YouTube streaming you need to actually create a stream.  The creation process resembles closely a video upload because after the stream is done, the stream archive is treated just like a video. Note: Before your first stream you have… Read More »Getting Started with YouTube Live Streaming

Getting started with OBS: A beginner’s guide

OBS is an amazing tool for creators, if you want to live stream; record your videos or even do both at the same time. This guide will focus on beginner advice, and a later guide will tackle more advanced advice regarding the use of OBS and the YouTube Live Dashboard. If you haven’t already, you can download OBS from the official website. Once you installed it, there should be an… Read More »Getting started with OBS: A beginner’s guide

The best 7 methods of secondary stream usage

Streams on their own are very fleeting: You’re live, you get some viewers, and once the stream ends it’s done. No more view – and even if a VOD is available, it typically gets nowhere near as many views as any other kind of video. It is hovever possible to rescue the content and give it a second life: The formats There are many different use cases for secondary content,… Read More »The best 7 methods of secondary stream usage

The Wattenberg-Indicator

Moin. The Hero–Hub–Help model which YouTube developed in 2014 has been a helpful tool for video marketeers to help them understand what they can do on YouTube. Namely: Hero content is big events, which you can advertise in a big way. It gets huge attention on the day it’s happening, and then quickly becomes uninteresting again, such as the E3 presentations. Hub content is regularly scheduled content, to keep subscribers… Read More »The Wattenberg-Indicator

I got a strike. What now?

If you just received your fist strike on YouTube, your first course of action should be to calm down. Do not delete any videos. You are in an uncomfortable situation, yes. But you aren’t lost, and there is plenty of time to fix the situation. Now, let’s understand the situation: Is it a community guideline or a copyright strike? YouTube has two strike systems. The community guideline strike system counts… Read More »I got a strike. What now?

How to get clicks on YouTube thumbnails: The AIDA model

Making thumbnails can be difficult and frustrating. Even if you have the technical skills to make them pretty, they still might not work out and get abysmal click-through rates. So why is that? Well, that’s what this YouTube thumbnail tutorial is about. It’s a bit theoretical, but you should get a fundamental understanding on the “why”. To figure this out, we must first think about a potential viewer browsing the… Read More »How to get clicks on YouTube thumbnails: The AIDA model

AVerMedia NEXUS AX310 & Streamer MIC 330 – Review

When talking about taking streaming or content creation in general to the next level upgrading audio equipment is one of the first things to do. For reference on what might be a good fit for you, have a look at our audio guide to happiness. In this review/ guide we will talk about one possible one-stop-shop solution that might be interesting to you. First of all, I have to disclose:… Read More »AVerMedia NEXUS AX310 & Streamer MIC 330 – Review

How to use Social Media to grow your YouTube Channel

Moin. If wielded well, social media can be a powerful tool. It can reach new audiences, boost your old videos, and might even make your video go viral. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s first start with what doesn’t work. We’ll get to what works later, down to the strategy for each section. 3 Ways that DON’T work Relying on just Automation. You can easily run a social… Read More »How to use Social Media to grow your YouTube Channel

Let’s talk about money & sponsorships!

You are a creator and a company wants to work with you.Great! Don’t undersell yourself. Even if you think you don’t have any value yet because you’re just a small channel, you probably have more going for you than you realize, namely production cost and market value. Production costs ‘Production costs’ can be divided into: Material costDid you have expenses such as music licenses or did you buy a game? Did… Read More »Let’s talk about money & sponsorships!