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Our Services

We can help with the following

Channel Analytics

The numbers, Mason, what do they mean? We can tell you, so you can make your content even better and get more views.

Better Monetization

We’ll get your channel ready for more revenue and help you get the most out of sponsorship deals.


You already make great videos, but still are unknown? With ads, you can reach new potential viewers, starting at 1€/day.


Whether it’s content strategy, pivoting or reviving your channel – we’ll advise you on your next steps.

Individual YouTube Support

Direct YouTube support for questions and problems of all kinds and sizes. At almost all day- and night times.

Community Guidelines & more

We might not be lawyers, but we know our way around the thicket that is YouTube-related rules.

YouTube Tips & Tricks

The Wattenberg-Indicator

Moin. The Hero–Hub–Help model which YouTube developed in 2014 has been a helpful tool for video marketeers to help them understand what they can do

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The Team

Martin Koytek
Martin Koytek

Martin is YouTube Certified, Google Ads Partner & YouTube Platinum Product Expert.
He's especially knowledgable about the business side of YouTube.

Leo Wattenberg

Leo is YouTube Certified, YouTube Gold Product Expert and has studied Multimedia Production. He's especially knowledgeable when it comes to creativity.

Our Prices

12% off when ordering for an entire year. Prices excl. VAT.
We keep you up-to-date on our YouTube channel (German). Various Creator Guides can be found on Reddit.


For channels below 100k subs. Includes one hour of support per month, and a channel analysis every 6 months.



For channels below 1M subs. Includes 4 hours of support per month and a channel analysis per quarter.

For custom offers, especially those who want to to utilize our other services intensively.


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