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Questions about YouTube,
Live streaming and Ads?
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Content strategy consultation and analyses for YouTube channels

VTuber model creation

Creation, rigging and stream integration of 3D models


Recording, Livestreaming and Event production

Online advertisement

Consultation & Optimization of Google Ads-campaigns and others

YouTube Tips & Tricks

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About Us

Experienced, adaptable, fast and honest.
These adjectives are the best fitting for us.

Together we bring 20 years of Web-Video experience into our work, answered several ten thousand YouTube questions, supported and grew countless Creators.

We have constantly been adapting, within our jobs, within changes regarding YouTube itself and of course with our customers. And that’s what we love – if nothing were to change, it would get boring pretty quickly, eh?

So it’s no surprise we quickly plan projects or jump in on existing ones and produce them quickly, but always with our heart put into them.

With all that our main principle is honesty. Instead of promising the blue out of the sky, we remain humble and realistic. We think it’s a waste of time and financial resources to nod to every idea you present to us and rather tell you from the start what we think of a project instead of just producing it mindlessly. We know this can be uncomfortable for you but we rather brainstorm with you and focus our work to deliver only the highest quality .

THE Team

Martin Koytek
Martin Koytek

Founder, CEO

Leo Wattenberg

Founder, Creative Director


Every channel and every project is a different challenge. Tell us about your vision
and we will work on an individual solution for you.
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First response within 24 hours.
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